Become a Volunteer

Become a Volunteer

What is volunteering?

Volunteering is an activity based on free will, driven by personal intangible interests, carried out for the benefit of society, with the aim of bringing social benefits. Volunteering is essentially directed not for the benefit of the volunteer himself / herself, but for the benefit of another person, group of persons or the community in general. It is a good deed for the society and a mechanism for solving current social problems. Taking advantage of free time, developing new areas of interest, deepening knowledge and developing practical skills, implementing your own initiatives, feeling socially useful, meeting new people, gaining professional experience - these are the forms of motivation that can motivate a volunteer and they are often are much worthy than receiving material benefits.

Volunteers at the Camillians Center

Camillians Medical Center is constantly striving to promote the development of the volunteer field. The center is often visited by volunteers from around the world. They are divided into different departments according to their profession and interests and contribute to the well-being of the center and its beneficiaries. There is a specially arranged volunteer house on the territory of the Camillians Center, where the volunteers live.

The center also has Georgian volunteers who help the organization with its everyday activities.