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Camillians Medical Center participates in the state program of early childhood development.

The goal of the program is to strengthen the child and family, prevent the development of disabilities and abandonment of the child. The program aims to teach parents the skills to promote child development. Depending on the needs of the child and parents, various specialists are involved in the work process: psychologist, speech therapist, occupational therapist. Work with the child is carried out according to an individual plan, in which parents and other family members are actively involved.

The service, under the state program, includes 8 visits per month. The service is provided at home, but if necessary, the child can be provided with services in another, convenient place for the family.

In the program may be involved children from birth to up to seven years of age, who have delayed developmental stages identified by a pediatrician / family doctor, neurologist or other specialist.

To benefit from the program, the beneficiary must obtain a materialized voucher from the state. To receive a voucher, you need to visit the social services department according to the place of living and submit the following documents:

■ Copy of the identity document of the legal representative of the person / foster parent (Georgian citizen's ID card or passport);
■ In case of legal representation - a document certifying and a copy of it, in case of a foster parent - a copy of the foster care agreement;
■ Copy of the child's birth certificate;
■ Notice of the child's health condition (medical documentation form №IV-100 /a).