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Since 2017, Order of regular clerks ministers to the sick (camillians), Georgian branch has been actively participating in the state program for rehabilitation / rehabilitation of children in Georgia.

The goal of the program is to improve the physical and mental condition of children with disabilities and integrate them into society.

Persons with disabilities aged 0 to 18 who have the following diagnosis (diagnostic codes according to ICD-10) can participate in the program.

Cerebral palsy in children
Spinal muscular atrophy and related syndromes
Muscular dystrophy
Congenital myopathies,
Primary muscle damage (including unspecified)
Hem, Para and Tetraplegia
Results of inflammatory and vascular diseases of the central nervous system,
Results of inflammatory polyneuropathy,
Results of maternity trauma to the peripheral nervous system.

The program includes 8 courses per year. Each course provides a defined number of complex procedures tailored to the patient’s needs by a multidisciplinary team (22 sessions). procedures include doctor's supervision, physical therapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy, psychological assistance of a child or parent if necessary.

The Children's Rehabilitation Program does not provide the transportation of the beneficiary involved in the program, which is why some of the voucher beneficiaries are unable to complete the rehabilitation course or lose the state voucher. Under these circumstances, the organization decided to provide a certain contingent of beneficiaries with transport.

List of documents required to participate in the program:

Copy of birth certificate.
Copy of parent's ID.
Health certificate (Form # 100).
Parent's statement about enrollment in the program.
Document certifying disability status (for children from 3 years of age).
Extract from the unified database of socially vulnerable families, in case of existence.