Akhaltsikhe Branch

The branch of Camillians Medical Center is located in the city of Akhaltsikhe. The branch was established step by step. The idea of opening a day center arose in 2010.

Preliminary work was carried out, the target group was studied and in March the day care center started functioning, where the beneficiaries received services for 3 days a week. The Order "Sisters of St. Nino" was actively involved in the creation of the center.

In 2014, with the help of the Order of Malta, the building was purchased, which allowed the center to expand. More beneficiaries and more specialists have been added. Various therapies are performed daily: art therapy, music therapy, tree cutting, clay therapy, computer lessons.

In 2018, the Akhaltsikhe branch of the Camillians Medical Center was involved in the state program for the rehabilitation of children. The program includes a speech therapist, a psychologist, a physical therapist, a neurologist.

The center serves both program and commercial patients.

In Akhaltsikhe branch, great attention is paid to volunteer work. University students in the region are volunteering to help the center's specialists. Every year in August, German volunteers arrive and spend a week entertaining with the center's beneficiaries. All this contributes to the strengthening of volunteering as an institution in the region.

Akhaltsikhe branch has a permanent and continuous connection with the central office. The strategy of the organization is to support the specialists working in the center in their professional development. The staff of the branch constantly attends qualifying trainings and seminars.