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Country: Italy

The Embassy of Italy in Tbilisi represents the reference point for political, economic and cultural relations between Georgia and Italy. The Ambassador and the staff have the task of effectively promoting the interests of the country and the foreign policy of the Government in Georgia. At the same time, they are working to ensure that Italian initiatives are better known and understood in Georgia and to ensure that policy makers in Italy have a complete and comprehensive picture of the situation in the country.

According to the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations of 18 April 1961 , the main functions of the Embassy are:

  • represent the sending state in the host state;
  • protect the interests of the sending State and its citizens in the host State, within the limits permitted by international law;
  • negotiate with the government of the host state;
  • ascertain by any legal method the conditions and developments in the host state and report them to the government of the sending state;
  • promote friendly relations between the sending state and the host state and develop economic, cultural and scientific cooperation .
  • Through its consular section, the Embassy of Italy in Tbilisi also offers all services intended for Italian citizens who are in Georgia.