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Madian Orizzonti
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Country: Italy

Madian Orizzonti originates within the Order of Camillian Religious of the Piedmontese Province Order CC. RR. Ministers of the Sick and specifically of the Midian Community , which has been involved since 1980 with the welcome and free accompaniment of poor sick people , according to the spirit of the Founder: San Camillo De Lellis .

Created to accommodate homeless, elderly and ill people , over the years it has adapted flexibly to the new emergencies of the poor ( immigrants, families in difficulty, abandoned minors ). 

In its history, Midian has welcomed people from more than 40 countries. 

The Community Midian offers, free of charge,  meals , accommodation , care medical and nursing, purchase of medicines and medical supplies, service linen and laundry change , ticket payment , diagnostic tests and laboratory equipment, prostheses , orthopedic, and all that concerns the care and assistance of the sick . It supports more than 100 families in the city with a monthly food spending .

Madian Orizzonti has been registered in the register of non-profit organizations since 2005.