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Country: Poland

Since Poland joined the EU, it has become a development aid donor. The "Polish aid" program is coordinated by the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and is a key tool used for cooperation in this area.

In 2000, UN member states, including Poland, announced joint actions to improve living conditions for people in developing countries .The United Nations set out the Millennium Development Goals, which are shared by Poland.

"Polish Aid" focuses on key issues such as education and science, promoting the development of democratic institutions, strengthening local structures, health care, environmental protection and more. Georgia has been one of the priority countries since 2005 and has become one of the beneficiaries of Polish aid. From this period Poland actively assists in various fields: cultural, educational, economic, military, regional development and others.

Camillians Medical Center is one of the partner organizations of the Polish Embassy in Georgia.

Under the auspices of Polish aid, a number of projects have been implemented in the organization over the years. The projects were mainly aimed at improving the environment for people with disabilities, raising the qualification and education of employees, the introduction of modern equipment. "Polish assistance" has made it possible for Georgian citizens to access many types of rehabilitation.

The organization is still actively cooperating and feels great help from the Polish state.