Dog Therapy
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Dog therapy is one of the best natural methods of rehabilitation, its goal is to promote the rehabilitation process of people with various problems. In the course of therapy, various exercises are given in the form of fun, which facilitates the healing process. The form of work is chosen in such a way that there is no regular repetition of gestures and specific sequences. Exercise has a purpose and the achievement of the goal gives joy to the beneficiary, as well as increases his self-esteem, level of consciousness and develops the areas in which the problem is noted.

The use of therapy is recommended for the following purposes:

Physical health:

Improving motor function in terms of both small and large motor skills.
Increase the efficiency of wheelchair use (movement).
Improving the sense and ability of coordination.

Mental health:

Improving communication skills
Improving concentration skills
Opportunity to participate in events
Reduce medication intake
Increase self-esteem
Decreased feelings of alienation, isolation, loneliness.


Improving vocabulary (both active and passive).
Improving memory
Create concepts (color, size, shape).


Facilitate communication with different people
Improving group interaction
Develop the skills to perform offered exercises and activities.